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The need for "Research Quality" search engines

Three experiments using your customary Internet search engine

  1. Search for a single word
  2. Search for a phrase
  3. Search for a combination of words and/or phrases

Outcome of the three experiments

  1. Typical findings
  2. Quality issues in contemporary search
  3. Marketing issues in contemporary search

Opportunities for improvement in search

Suggestion: Read pages 1 and 2 below, then any one of pages 3 through 8, and finish up with page 9.

  1. Understanding of search
  2. Vision -- a search toolkit
  3. Search that serves students
  4. Search that serves teachers
  5. Search that serves writers
  6. Search that serves publishers
  7. Search that serves researchers
  8. Search that serves advertisers
  9. Search that serves society

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